Bigger Than Bugs 8X10 - Original Art

Bigger Than Bugs 8X10 - Original Art

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Do you have someone in your life that is a little anxious when it comes to bugs? At the farm we have plenty of them hanging around. I love the mornings in the flowers when bees are buzzing all around me. My granddaughter is a little unsure about them so I made her some Love Bugs. She knows that she is bigger than they are so she has the upper hand. This print is to remind her. I hope this can help you too!! 

Love Bugs

In the garden, a lady bug was found

She was red and black, pretty and round

A blue beetle joined her, with his shiny shell

Then the snail crept in, so slow, as well

A moth came next, with wings of lace

And in a blur, the dragonfly entered the space

Such an amazing, wonderful view

All these Love Bugs came to visit you!


This is an 8X10 press print of original art from the farm. (Print Only)