The Original Corn Truck!!

This is the original Corn Truck!

Not really a big surprise that we still have it 😊 There are so many amazing memories tied to it, the stories are endless.

When I see this truck, I immediately think of my Grandpa Joe. He was one of my very best friends growing up and we spent hours hanging around this truck. We for sure had it in the driveway with corn on it but we also rode on the back of it up and down the barn road, better than a Disneyland ride.

We spent many summers doing things that involved this truck and some of the best stories were told and experienced around it. I think everyone needs a “corn truck”.  

Mom was a permanent resident at the truck as well and I am forever blessed for the time we spent together working at it. I came and left more than Kyle and mom but feel so much appreciation for all the past and future JOY that comes from this adventure we are on.

We look forward to seeing you all at the “truck” soon!

Appreciate Ya

The Corn Lady