Mom, Kyle, and I created a family tradition that went on for well over 20 years. The second Saturday of March was always reserved for us to be at a quilt auction in Gordonville, PA.

It all started when mom went on a fall tour back East and came home telling us about the beautiful Amish farm country in Lancaster County. Before we knew it, we were making trips back annually to spend time driving around, eating wonderful food and ice cream, slow down and be together.

It didn’t take long before we were smitten with all the amazing quilts. At some point mom suggested we go to a “mud sale” and we never turned back. Kyle and mom were always able to spend a couple of weeks between Pennsylvania and Ohio and I would fly in for a long weekend to go to the auction. So many wonderful family memories were created during those trips and we created our own set of traditions, I could go on for hours.

2019 was the last time we all went together and on March 9th mom and I sat all day in a fire station bidding on treasures. We had such a great day! These are a few of the quilts we brought home from that trip. They are art and love all rolled into one. We used to say it was the best Saturday of the year. Kyle and I will be going back when all the twilight zone happenings subside, and the auction is live again. Can you ever have enough quilts??

So, in honor of those wonderful days, March 9th is my Quiltaversary and I wanted to share it with all of you as well. Will you send us a picture, tag us in a story about a favorite quilt or maybe share a big quilt hug with someone? I will be sharing some of ours! #quiltaversary #mudsales #amishquilts