Colors of The Sunsets

I am amazed at these moments at the end of every day.

When I was little, my grandpa Joe and I used to watch sunsets together. Every time I see one I think of him. It is like putting the day to bed, you have a moment to stop and just breath. I cherish the memories I have of this simple act with my grandpa.

It may be hard to believe but I still look at sunsets from the same place I did with him all those years ago. Kyle and I always talk about how every night, even though the vantage point doesn't change, the view is so different. Here are some of the ones we caught last month in December. When you put them side by side it really tells the story.

I am inspired and so appreciative of this nightly ritual that nature gives me. My camera role is full of these magnificent moments and I wanted to share some of them with you. I declared a day in February as "watch a sunset day", it's a holiday on our calendar and I will keep you posted so we can all do it together!

Hope 2023 is starting off with awe for all of you.

Appreciate Ya!

The Corn Lady